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Building & Construction Technology

Building & Construction Technology

Departmental Summary

The building and Civil Engineering department trains trainees on the core principles of Building and Construction Management enabling them to offer and render services and products that meet the industries set of Quality standards to the government and the coprate sector.


All our cousres are acertained and accredited by KENYA NATIONAL EXAMINATION COUNCIL (KNEC). .

# Course Intake Modules
1 Diploma in Civil Engineering JAN/MAY/SEPT 3
2 Diploma in Building Technology JAN/MAY/SEPT 3
3 Diploma in Water Engineering JAN/MAY/SEPT 3
4 Diploma in Information Science JAN/MAY/SEPT 3
5 Craft certificate in Building Technology JAN/MAY/SEPT 2
6 Craft certificate in plumbing JAN/MAY/SEPT 2
7 Artisan Certificate in Plumbing JAN/MAY/SEPT 1
8 Artisan Certificate in Masonry JAN/MAY/SEPT 1
9 Artisan Certificate in Painting & Decoration JAN/MAY/SEPT 1
Mr. Kiptoo Ken
Head of Department

'Building Engineering managers can produce work in a more efficient and productive manner by recognizing motivational factors which influence their subordinates' behavior. Increased performance is linked primarily to intrinsic motivators such as recognition, responsibility, and praisings'.

Department Resourses

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  • Departmental Timetable : 09
  • Memo : 05
  • Students : 100

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